Research Themes

Theme 1 – Macroeconomics and infrastructure
  • Such policies shape the distribution of jobs, money and other material resources in society and therefore powerfully affect daily living conditions and health.
  • Our research involves case studies from trade and investment (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement), employment (Australia’s paid parental leave scheme) and digital technology (implementation of Australia’s National Broadband Network) policy sectors.
Theme 2 – Land use and urban environments
  • Over seventy percent of the Australian population and a majority of Indigenous Australians live in urban areas.
  • The social, economic and physical make-up of urban environments therefore presents an important opportunity to improve health equity.
  • Our research will use land-use planning legislation in New South Wales as a case study.
Theme 3 – Health system
  • Access to health services is a key social determinant.
  • Successive reviews of health systems have recommended a policy shift to primary health care and yet this shift fails to happen.
  • We will investigate Medicare as a key policy initiative contributing to health equity.
Theme 4 – Indigenous peoples
  • Addressing Indigenous health inequities has long been recognised as requiring in Australian institutional and policy practices.
  • Our work will engage with culturally appropriate Indigenous research methods (Dadirri) to investigate the Closing the Gap strategy, which emphasises health equity.
  • We will also investigate the Northern Territory Intervention.